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For every woman and girl


The essence of Aviva' intimgym:


This method consist of a series of exercises that give woman, the power to control their monthly cycles. These exercises are derived from  simlple gymnasticmovements, and can be practices by every healthy woman.

The goals of this intimgym:

  • A woman can adjust monthly menses to be on a desired date.
  • menses can be induced when delayed.
  • The exercises can helo in cases of amenorrhea.
  • menstrual cramps can be eliminated.
  • The exercises can regulate irregular cycles.

This method is an inprovement over other solutions to the above-mentioned problems because woman no longer nedd any external interventions, and can rely entirely on their own physical and internal powers.These exercises can complement pther existing contrareceptive methods.



AVIVA' intimgym consist of the folloing exercirses

  1. The simple           (18 exercises)
  2. The short              (11 exercises)
  3. The panic exercirse            (2 exercirses)
  4. The contracting exercise that can be performed anytime, anywhere
  5. ovulation exercirses             (15 exercirses)
  6. Prenetál  and postnatal exercirses
  7. Execirses for menopausal woman (includes exercises for incontinence and other age-ralied problems
  8. Men's execirses




FUnctions of the AVIVA intimgym


The method can be sucessfullyapplied in the folloing cases:

  1. Adjusting menses according to one's Wishes.
  2. Scheduling cycles to a specific day
  3. reducing the lenght of menses
  4. SfHortening the lenght of cycles.
  5. Reducing pre-menstruál and menstrual pain.
  6. Amenorhea
  7. Incresing fertillity.
  8. Alleviating symptoms of menopause.
  9. Relaxionin depressiv and stressful situations.
  10. Regulating excessive weiht gain,
  11. Eliminating galactorrhea ( spontaneous lactating not associated withpregnancy or childbirth)
  12. Starting a woman's monthly menstrual cycles even at the age of 20 34.
  13. helping caertain male dysfunctions.















When  this method be useful?

  1. In case of an unplanned pregnancy, despite the use of contrareceptives.
  2. If experiencing significant pain before, or during menses.
  3. If the duration of menstruation exceeds 5 days.
  4. If a person is overweight, but not as a result of overating.
  5. In caceof infertility with no apparent medical reason.
  6. When the woman sufferes from the symptoms of menopause.
  7. If menses occurs only several time (1-3)ANNUALLY, AND A WOMAN IS CONCERNED ABAUT THIS
  8. When the menses in inregular? for example bi-weekly or only every two months.
  9. In case you have never had a regular period, altrought you are over the age of 13, 20 or even 30.
  10. For certainly male dysfunctions.
  11. if you want to decrease the symptoms of aging this  method can help by stimulating hormone production and regulating hormone levels in the body.


These execirses improve reproductive health by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs. With this increased circulation hormone and oxygen levels also heightened in the affected areals. Hormone production will return to age appropriate levels, wich will then be maintained, throught a feedbackmechanizm connected to the pituitary gland.






I'm Erika Neudl AVIVA intimgym teacher, member of the BENELUX AVIVA intimgym group.   (4 diplome: pedagogist, graphologie-psychologie,yournalist, AVIVA intim gym., sporttrainer.)

I'm living in Amsterdam- (and Budapest).

You can find in list of the AVIVA intimgym teacher.



AVIVA’S intim gimmastic 

is a unique workout method, which influences the feminine hormonal system through its special exercises, which concentrate on the lower abdomen’s inner muscles. The exercises done on a regular basis stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the internal feminine organs.
The Method provides a natural solution that involves no external intervention for problems with fertility, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, and menopausal symptoms. With the Method, women can reclaim control over their bodies and over their natural reproductive processes, without medical intervention, drugs, chemicals, or other artificial means.

The Method was developed by Aviva Gabriela Steiner in Israel. She found that certain exercises done on a regular basis had generated a recurring response in women’s body. She started to experiment with different movements and exercises and observed their effects.
Step by step she had developed the Method.

The Method was officially recognised by various health institutes in Israel and abroad, and is registered in the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland

Aviva’s Method contains the following exercises:

1. THE SIMPLE intimgym (18 exercises)

2. THE SHORT AVIVA intimgym (11 exercises)

The Simple Method is the foundation stone of the whole of Aviva’s .
These two set of exercises are equivalent in their effectiveness: the only difference is their length. In case you do not have 30 minutes to practise the Simple , then the Short intimgym can be done in 15 minutes.


                           9412_723313814411370_68137248243831875_n.jpg art: Andrea Vertel

This set of exercises for women is suitable for:

Solving fertility problems
Helping balancing hormone levels
Strengthening ovulation
Helping in the case of recurring miscarriages
Helping unblock fallopian tubes
Helping with PCO (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Helping menstrual cycle problems:
Regulating irregular menstrual cycle
Helping to achieve a 28-day menstrual cycle
Shortening the length of the periods from 5 or more days gradually to 3 days
Helping to overcome menstrual pain, cramps and PMS
Solving amenorrhea (absence of menstrual period)

Solving menopausal problems:
Hot flushes
Vaginal dryness
Prolapse (dropping down) of the uterus
Prolapse of the bladder
Hormonal balancing without medication


The Simple intimgym helps to enhance ovulation in 80-90% of the cases. However, in some instances additional specific exercises are needed to further promote ovulation.


These exercises help women during pregnancy to maintain their tissues elasticity, which is vital for a smooth labour.
Furthermore helps to improve the breathing capacity of the lungs, as more oxygen is needed during the pregnancy.


Many women of all ages suffer from the symptoms of urinary incontinence. It is never too late to start to practise these exercises and regain control over your bladder.






Aviva’s  has specifically elaborated Exercises for men. These exercises help healing prostate problems and erectile dysfunction (Impotence) and will increase sperm vitality as well.




Erika Neudl AVIVA  intimgym trainer

06 492 11 355

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Krommenie (from Amsterdam 20 min.)


In Hungary

In Netherland (ewerywhere)


Skyp:  Neurika

advice: 20 Euro/our

Training: 100 euro+BTW (21%)         121 euro

AVIVA book  15 E

CD: 5 E




Aviva Steiner’s biography

Aviva Gabriella Steiner was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. Her original name was Gabriella Fazekas. Her parents were followers of Béla Bicsérdi, and led a highly natural vegetarian lifestyle. They were among the leading sportsmen of Hungary, with Aviva’s mother winning several swimming championships. During her childhood Aviva often went with her father to the gymnasium, where he practiced gymnastics and acrobatics. Aviva actually began exercising before birth; her mother continued gymnastics and swimming while pregnant with her daughter. Later, in her early childhood years, Aviva personally took up gymnastics and ballet as well.



When Aviva was 5 years old, she became ill with a raging high fever of seemingly unknown origin. Doctors could not diagnose the disease, and there was no medication, drug, or remedy to treat it. However, Aviva managed to heal from this mysterious illness with simple gymnastic exercises. Her parents attributed healing power to gymnastics and swimming, which were, in fact effective, as shown in Aviva’s case.

During World War II Aviva’s young parents were killed in a concentration camp, but Aviva miraculously survived. In 1946 the barely 16-year-old Aviva was brought to Palestine with many other Jewish children orphaned during the war. In Israel, she studied at the Ben Semen boarding school. She was the student of Gertrud Kraus, the world famous dance teacher of the Israeli Opera House. Aviva continued her studies, and acquired an Education degree through the Kibbutz Seminars, from the University of Physical Education. Physical activity and sports played a central role in her life.



Aviva had several parts in performances as a dancer at the Opera House of Tel-Aviv. As a testimonial, her photo albums are full of photographs of her acts. Later, Aviva chose to dedicate her life to gymnastics and healing, leaving an acting and dancing career behind.

Aviva continued her studies following this new direction. She worked in Jerusalem as a PE (physical education) teacher, while in her free time she audited anatomy and physiotherapy classes at the Medical University. Apart from this, she also took up yoga. During the paralysis epidemic she worked at the Hadassah University Clinic as an assistant of Professor Adler. Aviva remembers these times as follows: “I worked at the Physiotherapy Clinic, and saw terrible cases, paralyzed children, and I discovered that even nearly completely paralyzed muscles can be made to move, when there is at least one fiber still alive, and through these movements an entire group of muscles can be affected. However, nothing can be done without the cooperation of the patient, without her willingness to heal, and it is also important to have an expert therapist.”

Aviva realized that her parents had been right in their conviction. Her own recovery, and that of the people she worked with at the Physiotherapy Clinic convinced her that movement and willpower can solve numerous problems, even an undesirable conception.

This later discovery was a coincidence. Aviva was teaching gymnastics to women, and tried to diversify her exercises. She wanted to create a warm-up routine that would not be too strenuous for her middle-aged and elderly students (women between the ages of 45 and 70). After the first trial with these warm-up exercises (which are now exercise no. 7 of the Simple Method), only the two most elderly ladies (aged 70) visited the next class. Aviva asked them about the other women, and they replied: “They have their periods”. Although Aviva was surprised, she did not yet draw the connection between this incidence and her warm-up exercises.

It took her some time to believe that what she had been searching for, for a long time, had finally appeared in her life. Similarly to other young women, she had been looking for a method of contraception for decades that would help avoid undesired pregnancies.

Aviva continued to teach these “warm-up” exercises, only to notice this phenomenon repeating itself over and over. Women would get their periods; even women who thought these had ended for good began to bleed again. Others, who had irregular or continuously late cycles, also began to bleed.



This was the moment, when Aviva said: STOP! Although she became somewhat alarmed, she decided to meticulously search for an explanation of these events. By chance, it happened that her own period was also late at this time. She consulted her doctor, and made an appointment at the clinic. She then began to think – dozens of women attending her classes get their periods, does she really need to see a doctor? She decided to do her own warm-up exercises actively, and just as it had worked for others, it worked for her as well: her period started in a couple of days. Nevertheless, she called her doctor, but the doctor assured her, that everything should be fine.

Following this incidence Aviva began to further develop her exercises, and observe their effects. She discovered that with certain movements blood circulation can be stimulated in specific areas, which in turn can solve numerous female reproductive problems. Aviva is most proud of the birth of all the beautiful and clever children whose mothers had previously been treated for infertility in vain, and who had finally conceived with the help of her exercises.


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